Pulver – Bosse the Troll

About a year ago I was asked to make a prosthetics make up for a Swedish TV-series called Pulver. This was the first time in many years that I got to sculpt and mould. I was quite rusty. Although it all came back pretty quickly.

Since the scene was planned to be shot in one day I decided to go with gelatin instead of silicon. Gelatin being allot cheaper. Since I could not find any Ultracal I used a dentist plaster instead. It was way to soft. Witch ended up with the ears being ruined in the moulding process. I sculpted the pieces in Chavant NSP Medium. Since we wanted the actors face to be visible along with the prosthetics pieces I decided to make a piece for the forehead and nose as well as two ears.

I didn’t apply the pieces as I’m not that great a make up artist. On set we shot the actor with forced perspective against green screen set up in the same room to match the lighting as close as we could. Also we didn’t have time for a studio green screen shoot. It was shot on Sony F3 and without the new log. And it was also shot in 50fps to make the troll move slower. This meant that the quality of the green screen footage was so poor in a couple of the shots, that a few of the shots ended up pretty ugly. Though some of the other shots ended up great!

For compositing I was quite successful when I started breaking the shots down in rotoed out pieces.

This was definitely one of the more fun projects that I have done.

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