What I do

I started out, working summers, in the model workshop, at SVT (Swedish public broadcasting). When I had graduated from high school… I did some mask making and prop making. After awhile I got interested in CGI. Between 2005 and 2007 I studied at Nackademins course Computer Graphics which focuses on 3d. When I finished school I started out working on a couple of TV-series as well as a short film. Since three years back I have an office of my own where I do VFX for TV-series and commercials. I have done all parts of the process. Storyboards, animatics, 3d, grading, filming, tracking and compositing.

When I don’t do VFX myself I teach storyboarding and sculpture at Nackademin and compositing at the Royal Institute of Art.

Lately I have honed in on compositing. I think this is the most rewarding part in post production. Having good material coming in and then take that and make it come together in a seamless and attractive way is what makes it so much fun. As much as I enjoy all the different parts of post production, I want to have that speciality that I get really good at.